IT Solutions

Cakebox helps businesses accelerate digital transformation by securely extending their reach across multiple channels – mobile, cloud and Internet of Things. Cakebox enables enterprises to share data as APIs, connect and integrate applications, network infrastructure, and enterprise systems through a common gateway.

API & Micro-Services

Inter-system connectivity - easy


Access policies and encryption


Active and passive system health-checks

In a Cloud or in a Box

The Cakebox solution works both in the cloud, on-premise or as a hybrid deployment. While the platform can be easily deployed by the customer’s in-house IT staff, we offer both consultancy and on-premise integration support if the client requires. Contact us today to discuss what type of deployment is right for your organization.

Well designed user interface and device.
Lean back and control your home via remote.

Integrate Once and For All

Cakebox makes your integration projects fast and cost-efficient – your first time and every time. Cakebox’s data-output follows best-practices for APIs, XML services, and more. Easily configure access policies on our secure platform, so information only flows to the applications that need it. With our gateway in place, integration becomes a breeze.

Gateway to Transparency

New applications require communication lines with several systems to function properly. This makes integration costly, unpredictable and time consuming. The Cakebox communications gateway solves this through pre-configured support for popular Enterprise solutions and with a range of customizable data management tools. This makes integration a breeze, and reduces time and cost!

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