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Business Intelligence

BI (Business Intelligence) technologies include reporting, predictive/prescriptive analytics, data/text mining or discovering patterns in large data/text sets

It provides historical, current, and predictive insights of business operations that are commonly used by enterprises for information analysis to support business decisions from operational to strategic. Also, business health and customer interactions can be monitored precisely.
How does it work? The wireless/CMX captures the data while Cakebox analyzes them to give you a variety of positive and negative trends. Also, to know how well the business is doing, one of the smart ways is to look at its KPIs (Key Performance Indicator) – a medium in which demonstrates if the business is achieving its key business objectives to reach the targets.
Make sure you never miss any insights with our intelligence dashboard (accessing KPIs at a glance) and data connectors that can be used with your pre-existing BI platforms to expand your business opportunities.

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