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Captive Portal

Internet Service Gateway – ISG

Enhance customer experience with our Cakebox ISG an extremely reliable device intended for… unattended operations. Increase loyalty program adoption by visitors incentivized by Free WiFi and Faster Connection Speeds by leveraging our Quality of Service (QoS) module. Reward your valued customers by establishing varying levels of service and Hi-Speed connections that align with your existing customer loyalty program. The Cakebox ISG is the starting point for digital transformation in your business.

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Our WiFi authentication portal or ISG is a Plug ‘n’ Play WiFi service for your visitors and may be located onsite or in the cloud; user login data may be stored on-board the ISG or connect to your existing CRM system, proprietary or other popular user database systems. Prior to installation, our team works to identify all aspects of the deployment environment from network configurations to customized graphic designs ensuring an expedited deployment in the production environment and a swift recovery in the event of disruptions to the data center.
Read how one client successfully leveraged a captive portal to drive tens of thousands of loyalty member registrants for their shopping mall: Captive Portal In Shopping Mall Case Study.pdf