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Cakebox CMX Data Feeder

Deployment Model

  • SaaS

  • On-Premise

Primary Cisco Technology
Networking – Enterprise Network Automation and Analytics

Cisco Product(s) and Version(s)
CMX Engage, CMX Version: 10.4, CMX Version: 10.2.3-34; WLC Version:, WLC 8.5, Cisco Spark WBS31, WBS32; Cisco ISE 2.2, Cisco IEC 4650; Meraki MR Version: 25.11 MX Version: 13.33; ISE Version: 2.2; Prime Infrastructure Version: 3.1
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Solution Summary
Our Last mile Gateway & Integrator for CMX-Engage collects and feeds valuable data from customers on premise data sources which may be otherwise inaccessible. This reduces the development effort by Cisco and Cisco’s partners, reduces time to integrate to connect myriad un-connected data sources while enhancing the data available on the CMX Engage platform. Our sanitized API output also removes the need for continuous adjustments to the outbound feed to CMX whenever the client replaces a peripheral system.

Cakebox works locally with the customer or Cisco partner to identify and integrate with customers’ data sources and feeds the data collected through the CMX API to CMX Engage. The Cakebox Gateway comes with pre-built interfaces to many of the commonly used data sources used by customers across numerous verticals, such as, retail, healthcare, banking, education and many others.
Solution Features
Our APIs are designed specifically to enhance CMX Engage Benefits both pre & post customer adoption to expedite CMX Engage Adoption through the following workflows:
Smart Office Solution for Improved Work Flows
• Smart Campus Solution for Improved Customer Work Flows
• Smart City Solution for Improved Integration and Community Work Flows
• Smart Modules for Improved Mobile Applications Work Flows

Cakebox Provides Out-of-the-Box Connectors for Numerours Data Sources

Cisco ISE
• Point-of-Sale systems (i.e. Shopify)
• Cisco Spark
• Cisco Meraki
• Social Media Applications
• Cisco CMX
• Customer Relationship Management Systems
• Loyalty Program Management Systems
• Policy Management Systems
• Content Management Systems
• (Custom) Proprietary Data Management Systems
Cloud Management of all Gateways.

Our features APIs include:

• Business Intelligence API
• Digital Signage API
• Human Resource Management API
• Mobile Application API
• Customer Service API
• Security Management API
• Instant Messaging API
Solution Description
Our on-premise Gateway takes input from a broad range of customers’ business systems and devices. Because we are on-premise we are able to interface with databases and systems that generally won’t allow connectivity to cloud systems like CMX Engage (I. E. Sensitive client data in banks or hospitals).

The data is merged (I. E. data from disparate POS systems) and combined into a sanitized output that can be utilized to inform campaigns in CMX. Since our output is sanitized, if the customer changes a POS system down the line, our library of plug’n’play Connectors will facilitate a quick transition without having to re-integrate with CMX or other Cisco systems.

The gateway administration panel has a wide range of data flow configuration presets that translate directly into business solutions. For instance, by activating CMX, ISE and Spark connectors, an institution can receive and respond to Wi-Fi authentication requests within the Spark chat-room on their phone.

Or by activating CMX Engage, POS, and Cisco vision we can alternate signage content based on which campaign provides the most sales as well as provide reporting on how many people probably viewed the advertisements.

Cakebox is able to rapidly integrate, test and deploy new engagement channels ensuring customers’ are able to adapt to messaging and content based engagement channels as they gain popularity.

Our Cakebox Gateway allows for the inclusion and integration to CMX Engage of popular and often decentralized systems (I. E. a franchise owner may want to aggregate data from hundreds of different Facebook pages to inform a single campaign).

The entire platform is plug’n’play and is suitable for existing Cisco partners to sell as a value added product for advanced CMX Engage deployments. We cover a wide range of integration points and data flows, with a focus on generating the most value from the combination of Cisco systems and alternate data sources.