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Intelligent Signage

Cakebox Intelligent Signage

Have a message for your customers? Revolutionize static prints and display messages dynamically in real-time within any industry, introducing Cakebox Intelligent Signage. Apart from displaying interactive messages, it monitors how many times an individual has been detected in proximity of the signage. Therefore, we can infer the number of times a customer has seen an advertisement. Like with other digital advertising analytics, we call this view an ‘impression.’
With the Smart Touch Kiosk, customers are empowered to browse through product catalogs, check on which branches carry their desired products, place orders, or draw queue numbers with our integrated branch service applications. Customer Engagements can be sent via SMS, E-Mail, Mobile App Notifications, or integrated chat applications. Build-up a powerful, low cost customer marketing database relying only on customers enjoying an enhanced user experience.
Now you can throw away those posters!

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