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Cakebox Meraki MāZ

Deployment Model

  • SaaS
  • On-Premise
Primary Cisco Technology
Networking – Enterprise Network Automation and Analytics
Cisco Product(s) and Version(s)
Meraki MR Version: 25.11 MX Version: 13.33; Spark Release: WBS31 WBS32; ISE Version: 2.2; Prime Infrastructure Version: 3.1

Solution Summary
Our Cakebox Mapping, Attribution and Zone Engagement solution or Cakebox Meraki MāZ (pronounced maze) solution provides an enhanced customer engagement and management experience significantly augmenting Cisco Meraki deployments. Enhancing the existing Meraki ability to upload floorplans; Cakebox Meraki MāZ implements a user process to conduct a geo-transformation of the floorplan improving the look and feel for operational clients. Specifically, MāZ facilitates zone creation on floor plans (uploaded either directly to Meraki or to the Cakebox Middleware). By dividing floor plans into zones, several key enhancements are realized. As these zones contain other configured data sources (e.g. POS, signage, IoT devices) which are then correlated in various ways with the visitor location data collected from Meraki. For instance, signage campaigns may be A/B tested across zones according to location or POS data. Leveraging our Cakebox Middleware clients may continue the set-up process by continually adding predefined devices with integrated data sources to the floorplan using a simple “drag and drop” method or dynamically position devices with in-built GPS capability.

Additionally, the zones act as boundary triggers for engagements and notifications defined in the Cakebox Middleware. For instance, an advertisement or survey may be sent every time a visitor enters or exits a particular zone. Or, staff may be notified when a VIP enters a zone. Of course, these engagements are also tracked and correlated.

MāZ offers considerable benefits in marketing and business intelligence not possible with “Meraki out of the box”
Solution Features
Visualize User Location Data
• Define & Draw Zones
• Add Intelligent Devices to Zones
• Integrate Data Sources with Zone Devices
• Define Zone Based Triggers
• Send Zone Based Engagements
• Calculate Zone Density
• Visualize Zone Density
Additional Features with Cakebox WASP Integration
• Onboard Analytics
• Customizable Appearance
• Onboard Database Authorization Services & Subscriber Policies
• Quality of Service (QoS)
• In-built Connectors for External Data Access
• Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Systems
• User Database Systems, LDAP/Proprietary
• Loyalty Programs
• Payment gateways
• Order Customized Connectors
Solution Description
The Cakebox Meraki MāZ solution is a comprehensive deployment solution consisting of our Cakebox WASP and Cakebox Middleware core products.
The power of the solution originates with the implementation of our captive portal, the Cakebox WASP which is a Plug ‘n’ Play Wi-Fi service for campus visitors and may be located onsite or in the cloud; user login data may be stored on-board the WASP or connect to existing CRM systems, proprietary or other popular user database systems. Login and registration options are available on demand amongst various social media applications and single sign-on service vendors. Flexible login and registration options allow global enterprises the ability to deploy regional solutions without mobilizing additional development teams.
User data from the Cakebox WASP is integrated with our Cakebox Middleware- a single point of data source integration, analytics and business intelligence for the enterprise. Following the configuration of client selected data sources such as CRM or POS systems, clients are ready to begin the set-up process for the Cakebox Meraki MĀZ. In the set-up screens, users upload a floorplan and enter reference GPS coordinates from the campus in order to transform the floorplan view into a more manageable work space. Next, users are able to create a realistic working space by adding pre-defined devices, complete with data source configurations or as landmark references through either manual or dynamic positioning using in-built GPS devices.
As a final step, users are able to define zones using an intuitive suite of drawing tools. Once users are satisfied with the layout preview, they can navigate to the “Heatmap” page to view visitor and device data in near real-time. Once users are ready, they can navigate to the in-built “Engagements” module to create zone based promotional campaigns.
Final note, administrators have the option to display avatars of known users such as customer facing service staff or campus members who have opted in to sharing their personal data.

Social/Instant Media Registration Options:
• Facebook
• Line
• Viber
• WeChat
• Spark