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WI-FI Monetization

Location Data Leasing

Lease out parts of the API or business data to ‘tenants’ in different verticals a revenue generating solution for malls, townships and other landlords. Clients use Facebook pixel with our ISG to create target lists of clients allowing the opportunity to target customers within their own Facebook timeline even after they leave your venue.
Additionally, APIs can serve as engines for app features like way finding, notifications and more out of the box. Brands and tenants may have pre-existing apps, let them integrate your APIs rather than replace their entire app.
Similarly, our Cakebox Intelligent Signage can run campaigns on digital signage infrastructure or through notifications and when coupled with our A/B Testing Module and Middleware with POS Integration you can test content by reviewing the impact on sales. Advanced deployments provide automatic Ad selection based on sales targets. Mobile (SMS, App notifications) triggers location and can be managed through the middleware.
Of course, not all engagements target end-customers; therefore, Staff Facing Engagements through Customer Relation Management (CRM) integration allows staff to interact with each other and with clients directly. It also notifies if a VIP enters the venue and operates messages in emergencies which can optimize work-flow further reducing operational expenses.

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