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Cakebox WASP – WiFi Accessibility Solution Platform

Deployment Model
  • SaaS
  • On-Premise
Primary Cisco Technology
Cloud & Data Center – Hybrid Cloud & Automation Cloud Center & Applications
Cisco Product(s) and Version(s)
CMX Version: 10.2.3-34; WLC Version:; Meraki MR Version: 25.11 MX Version: 13.33; Spark Release: WBS31 WBS32; ISE Version: 2.2; Prime Infrastructure Version: 3.1
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Solution Summary
Our Cakebox WiFi Accessibility Solution Platform or Cakebox WASP is a Plug ‘n’ Play WiFi service for your visitors and may be located onsite or in the cloud; user login data may be stored on-board the WASP or connect to your existing CRM system, proprietary or other popular user database systems. Login and registration options are available on demand amongst various social media applications and single sign-on service vendors. Flexible login and registration options allow global enterprises the ability to deploy regional solutions without managing additional development teams. Prior to installation, our team works to identify all aspects of the deployment environment from network configurations to customized graphic designs ensuring an expedited deployment in the production environment and a swift recovery in the event of disruptions to the data center.
Solution Description
Our solution provides a fully customizable interface for onboarding new WiFi users allowing clients to specify login methods and customizable registration fields allowing Cisco customers to leverage existing technology to create custom applications that reflect their organizational objectives. We have designed our solution to introduce new features and functionality that is not currently available within the Cisco release versions of CMX or Meraki. Cakebox has adopted the Agile Development Method to track new features and rapidly deploy fully tested release versions. The aim of our solution is to remove client objections based on potential limitations with current Cisco release versions.

Solution Features

Onboard Analytics
Customizable Appearance
Onboard Database Authorization Services & Subscriber Policies
Quality of Service (QoS)
In-built Connectors for External Data Access
• Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Systems
• User Database Systems, LDAP/Proprietary
• Loyalty Programs
• Payment gateways
• Order Customized Connectors
Social/Instant Media:
• Facebook
• Line
• Viber
• WeChat
• Spark
Office Facilities
• Asia-Pacific
• European Markets
Support Model
• Direct through third-party or partner
• Direct to customer