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Omni-Channel Engagements and Business Analytics

The Cakebox product range combines with other business systems to provide a 360 degree customer profiling, engagement and business analytics tool for your retail business. We use a variety of sensors, like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Video Analytics and POS integration to both drive, and measure effective marketing campaigns for malls as well as small retail outlets.

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Wi-Fi and Ble Beacon Solutions For Data Capture and Marketing

Utilize the power of modern Wi-Fi to track mobile devices that roam through your venue. Capture demographic data of people that actually use the Wi-Fi through the use of so called ‘Captive Portals’. But even passive data capture is possible as long as the customer’s Wi-Fi radio is switched on (even if they have not connected).Build a powerful user database for ongoing and future marketing campaigns using our flexible engagement channels. Track the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns with POS integration and A/B Engagement Testing.

Signage Solutions
Kiosk Extended Shelf-Space Through Product Browsing on Touch Screens Place your entire product catalogue at the tip of your customers’ fingers via digital signage. Not only does it expand the browsing experience for the customer and reduce HR costs, but surveys say that a significant customer segment prefer to shop without a sales representative.

  • Highlights compatible or similar products based on what customers are browsing by brands or devices.

  • Browse and complete the sales in store before directly shipping to customers.

  • Allows customers to juxtapose products side by side and get customers’ loyalty.

  • Inventory availability, pricing, and details are updated in ‘real time.’

  • To compare sales data, interactive touch and session metrics are merged within our centralized data warehouse.

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